Pothole Causes Major Damage to Car

If you're one of the many drivers dodging pot holes when driving around Western New York, then you can relate to a Ken-Ton native who drove over a pot hole on a state road causing thousands of dollars in damage to his car.

Greg has a passion and love for cars which makes driving this pick up rental truck a little difficult.

"It stinks, I'm depressed and I want my car back," Greg Achramovitch said.

His Volkswagen GTI Cruiser is now in the repair shop with $3500 dollars of service work that has to be done. Everything is damaged from the bumper of his car to inside part.

"My bumper is cracked my inner cooler is messed up, my radiator is messed up, my air conditioner, and radiator hoses," Achramovitch said. "And that's what they can see without taking the car apart."

It all started when Greg was driving down River Road with his friend in Tonawanda last Saturday night when he hit this pot hole that was not marked at the time

"Boom, boom I was like did I just hit a pot hole," Achramovitch asked his friend when it happened. "He's like yeah yeah yeah, I think so."

The impact did not blow his tires but when he started to drive home it started stalling.

"We live in Buffalo New York. You know, you're used to having a pot hole every now and then - but not a crater, not a literal hole in the road that's taking up more than half of the lane. You know, it's an accident waiting to happen."

When he called the State Highway Department to see if there was any type of compensation he was told no. Turns out that the state is exempt from any liability from Mid November until late April because crews primary responsibility is snow and ice removal. It's frustrating for Greg as he waits for his car to be repaired.

"New York State, you've got some work to do, defiantly because it's ridiculous," Achramovitch said. "Find better cement better roads do something, we pay enough in taxes it should be taken care of."


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