State DOT Has Plans To Fix Pothole-damaged Roadways

Buffalo, NY - We all know it's been a very rough winter and that can lead to very rough roads but now the state DOT has the challenge of trying to do something about it. A primary challenge in Western New York is the primary route - 219, which is really ripped up.

One driver told us "Some spots are pretty brutal. And sometimes I do find myself swerving to avoid them."

Some motorists tell us it's downright dangerous on that highway with deep potholes, ruts in the center of the road, and other pavement problems.

NYS DOT Spokeswoman Susan Surdej says they well realize how serious it is on the 219. "There's no particular reason in this situation where we're seeing more deterioration in that area. But luckily we do have a contract to address this because that is a pavement that does need some attention."

And then there's the Route 33 where drivers must dodge potholes on the Kensington expressway into the city. Even some on and off ramps are in really bad shape.

The good news is it's on the resurfacing list. It is a long one for this construction season which starts in April.
First there is Route 219 on a stretch from Hamburg to Springville. Then there's the Route 400 Expressway from the Thruway connection back to Jamison Road. Then there's phase two of the 33 project since work started last summer. This year they will be working from the 198 to Harlem Road and then Harlem to Genesee.

And there is more. Look for work on Route 60 which is like a minefield from Fredonia to Cassadaga. Then there are the Route 290 bridges over Delaware and Military. And they plan to work on another portion of the 219 down in Cattaraugus County at Peters Road. Surdej says "We've actually accelerated that paving due to the poor condition. The winter just wreaked havoc on the pavement in that section."

How bad has this winter been for the DOT in this region? They're using twice the amount of that cold patch to fill the potholes during this winter season. They're trying to keep up with all of them as they just keep cropping up. They have to wait until spring for the hot asphalt plants to reopen and they will produce the material which will plug those potholes more effectively.

The New York State DOT has their own 1-800-Pothole hotline to report potholes. They will try to fix any pothole that is reported within three days unless they are tied up with plowing and salting for a major snowstorm.

You can also contact us about a major pothole issue and we'll report it to the appropriate agency. Be aware that the DOT does not maintain all town or village roads and streets. The counties also have particular roads where they are responsible for maintenance. Just fill out the form below!

Pothole Location Form


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