Senator Schumer raises questions on HUD money spending

Buffalo, NY- Senator Chuck Schumer has some questions about the city of Buffalo's inappropriate spending of $1.6 million dollars of HUD grant money.

Jereon Brown, a spokesperson at the D.C. headquarters explained to 2 On Your Side, "We analyzed the findings and decided that with technical assistance and additional oversight we could help the city get back on track without going to court."

So, no possibility for now of more court cases. That raises serious questions for U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer.

"Look, no one's perfect and if it was once or twice and the city of Buffalo made a mistake. That's one thing, but this has been going on for long time through a whole lot of administrations and it's very serious wrong-doing. And here HUD has the tools to severely punish those who committed wrong-doing. I don't see why they're not and I'm going to be asking them why they are not."

Schumer also has questions about the treatment of the former director of Buffalo's HUD office, Steve Banko.

Banko said in 2009 he was ordered to not talk publicly about Buffalo's continued HUD spending problems.

Schumer said whistle blowers need to be encouraged to speak up.

To get answers, Schumer says he wants to speak with the top man at HUD, Secretary Shaun Donovan.


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