Cause of Water Line Break Found

NIAGARA FALLS, NY - 2 On Your Side is learning more about what caused a messy situation in Niagara Falls Wednesday night, when a water line broke, dumping thousands of gallons of water onto a busy intersection.

The Niagara Falls Water Board, which responded to the flooding, says the owner of the property didn't keep heat on in the facility.The water line froze and broke, flooding the intersection.

There's another problem the water board is dealing with: nobody knows who is responsible for maintaining the property and the water line.

"I guess if the property owner would have maintained the heat, or the property manager would have maintained the water line, or, if they weren't going to use that water line, to have abandoned it properly -- which would have been to cut and cap it at the street -- that would have prevented this from happening," said Paul Drof of the water board.

The flooding occurred at the intersection of Niagara Falls Boulevard and 47th Street where the old Union Carbide industrial plant used to be.

Around 7 p.m. Wednesday, the street was under two feet of water.

"They [assistance crews] worked on the road itself to open the storm receivers in order to let that water that accumulated to run off the roads, there's still water remaining in the fields and area around there, it will drain normally as the weather changes," Drof said.

Crews were able to find a valve to shutoff the water. About one and a half million gallons of water was wasted.

The water board says it's checking its records to find out who owns the property. The owner will be told to make repairs to the facility and they'll be charged more than $1,000 for the water and costs related to the cleanup.


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