Kitty litter being used to soak up oil leak

Massive Oil Spill On East Side Of Buffalo

BUFFALO, N.Y. - An oil leak on parts of Fillmore Avenue in Buffalo between Broadway and Main Street caused headaches for some drivers, as crews dealt with a far-stretching oil spill.

Police were called to the scene shortly after noon on Thursday.

A Buffalo fire battalion chief Mark Hillery says he noticed the oil spill while he was on the road Thursday afternoon.

"It's very slippery, the intersections are very slick, I happened to slide right through the intersection of Delevan and Fillmore," he said.

Fire officials say the oil dripped from some type of truck or moving vehicle, over a two and a half mile stretch of road.

"We don't believe it to be malicious or anything like that, just another accident or whatever, but it did go for a long extended period of time," said fire commissioner Garnell Whitfield.

REPORTER: Any idea what it is?

"No, we're trying to figure that out right now, some kind of oil and it's gotta be hydraulic or mineral oil," Hillery said.

Right now -- fire officials are leaning toward hydraulic oil -- which is normally used to operate garbage trucks or industrial machinery.

Fire crews were forced to act quickly, dumping absorbent -- essentially kitty litter -- to cover slick spots.

"At this time we have picked up from that scene we believe it to be safe at this time," Whitfield said.

Buffalo Police and the state Department of Environmental Conservation are investigating, checking surveillance video, to find out who's responsible for the oil spill, and who will be billed for the cleanup.

Luckily there were no accidents as a result of the oil spill.

Fire officials say there are no environmental impacts as a result of the spill, and a street sweeper, probably overnight will come by and sweep up Fillmore Ave.


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