Jim Kelly speaks after cancer scan

BUFFALO, NY-- Former Buffalo Bills quarterback and Pro Football Hall of Fame member Jim Kelly spoke for the first time about his cancer treatment after a scan found no evidence of the cancer in his jaw and sinuses on Tuesday.

Kelly's doctor at the New York Head & Neck Institute at Lenox Hill released a statement Wednesday and said cancer treatments have eliminated Kelly's pain and that initial tests show no evidence of cancerous cells are present in his jaw and sinuses.

Jim Kelly underwent follow-up cancer evaluations after completing radiation and chemotherapy three months ago in New York City.

"For me, it was good news, in most parts. Because some of the areas they were looking at, towards the Ganglia, towards the brain, that was where the cancer was moving towards. That was moving up to the V2 nerve, and that's what they were worried about. If it's up to that point, and it moved closer to my brain, they knew that there was really minimal things they can do if it moved that far along. That it was a matter of time. So that was good news to know that they did not see anything," said Kelly on the Mike and Mike Show on ESPN radio Thursday morning.

However, Kelly is not completely out of the woods yet. Kelly still has to undergo biopsies next week. "The big question mark is though, is there is some areas along my V2 nerve they could not tell right away, so I have to unfortunately, go back to NYC next week and they're gonna take biopsies," he said on the radio show.

Kelly says he's been able to get through his cancer battle thanks to the well wishes from family, friends and fans.

"To be honest with you guys, the prayers that I've received from everybody, the well wishes and of course having family support, like I do with my wife and my daughters, and my brothers. Words cannot really tell you what it means to me."


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