Jim Kelly Speaks About Ongoing Cancer Battle, Bills Future

AMHERST, NY – Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly huddled with reporters on Thursday, taking time out from his annual football camp for kids to update his progress in his battle against cancer, and take a few questions regarding his interest in being involved with the Bills in some capacity, once a new owner is established.

"I've lost a lot, including most of my hair," Kelly noted, as he doffed his baseball cap, revealing thin wisps of hair on a mostly bald head.

Kelly, who said he has to sit down to rest after ten minutes of physical activity, is also carrying a much thinner frame.

"I'm 51 pounds lighter," said Kelly, who frequently nursed a bottle of water. "I have no saliva, I still eat mostly through a (jejunostomy) tube from a cans of food to my stomach."

Kelly's full recovery remains far from certain. And his battle with cancer, is certainly far from over.

"The big test will come in the second or third week in August, "said Kelly. "I go in for my first MRI since my chemo and radiation to see where the cancer is, or if the cancer left my body. But I just got back from MD Anderson (cancer center) in Houston and they were checking to see if any cancer spread anywhere else and thank God it hasn't.

Kelly continues to make his battle with cancer a public one, mostly through postings on social media by his wife Jill.

"At the beginning it wasn't my idea," he explained. "I'm a private person, but my wife and our family are Christians and we know the more people praying for us, the better off we all are and I agree with her."

Chuckling a bit, Kelly added, "I've had to stop her a bunch of times, like, say to her no, Jill. Just for your sake and all of our sakes, this is not going on twitter or facebook!"

Meanwhile, Kelly confirms he's been contacted by a number of parties interested in possibly buying the Bills, and discussed them his possible role in the team's future. However, he declined to say who they were, or what role he might play.

With different people there's different(proposed) roles. I know what I want to do, and that will be said down the road a little later," said Kelly, only confirming he has not aligned himself with any potential bidder for the team, now up for sale after the death of owner Ralph C. Wilson.

"I'm not gonna team up with one person right now. It'd be stupid to. I don't know who's going to get it."

Kelly admitted that while fighting cancer there are times when "you get scared", but also he's not about to let fear dictate his life.

"I'm not scared to die," declared Kelly. "When It's my time it's my time. But I just feel that I have so many more things to accomplish and I think the good lord knows that, and you gotta keep your faith and gotta keep pushing on."


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