Grinch & Scooby Stolen from Hamburg Yard

Hamburg, NY - From our tipline, a Christmas Grinch is roaming around Western New York.

A Hamburg family is offering a reward after someone stole two handmade Christmas decorations out of their yard. They are decorations they spent all year working on.

Instead of the Grinch stealing Christmas, this year, someone stole the Sturtevant's Grinch.

"They could have pulled them out of the ground and zipped them into a car right here," says Bob Sturtevant.

Along with the Grinch, the thieves also got away with Scooby Doo, adding to this missing decoration mystery.

"They were right here where this blow up thing is right now which my wife just went out and bought today," said Sturtevant as he showed us where the displays once stood.

Sturtevant, and his wife, make many of their Christmas decorations by hand. Each one takes his wife twenty to thirty hours to paint, and with her arthritis getting worse, the Grinch and Scooby were likely her final projects.

"She was kind of heartbroken about it. She's beyond the point of remaking them. So if they're gone, they're gone and that's the way it is," he says.

Going all out with Christmas decorations is a family tradition dating back before they moved into their Hamburg home nearly thirty years ago.

"When you're 67 years old and out on a ladder putting up Christmas lights in 20 degree weather, it's not the best thing, but she does it. And she does it because she thinks it makes people happy," says Bob's daughter, Jennifer.

When Jennifer's mom discovered the theft Thursday night, they called Hamburg police who say it's going to be a tough Christmas crime to solve unless someone comes forward with a clue.

"I was really upset. It was after 9:00 at night, and I immediately drove down here and went around the neighborhood trying to see if I could find anyone that might be walking around with a Grinch and a Scooby Doo," she says.

"I guess I can't quite say what I might do if I get my hands on them. But, you really get upset about this kind of stuff. You know, I did a few things when I was a kid, nothing quite as bad as thing in mine, but get some honesty and bring them back," says Bob.

Jennifer says she's offering a two-hundred dollar reward if you help find the Grinch and Scooby Doo or you can drop them off at the house with no questions asked.


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