Grand Island residents concerned about traffic cameras

NY Studies Traffic Where GI Bike Path May Go

GRAND ISLAND, NY - Some Grand Island residents say they're upset, because they were not informed that new cameras would be installed on traffic signs on their street. And they have questions, about what the cameras are being used for?

This is the same road where a controversial bike path has been proposed.

"A lot of people had questioned, what are these cameras for? Are they surveillance cameras?" asked Sandra Nelson, a Grand Island resident.

Residents like her have questions about three cameras posted at or near, traffic signs along West River Parkway on Grand Island. They're not being used for law enforcement purposes, instead the state parks department has installed them here. They're being used to register how much traffic is passing by -- as part of a traffic study.

Residents we spoke to had no idea this was being done.

"There is no transparency, everything is coming along and then, we say what's that about and they finally tell us maybe," Nelson said.

The Grand Island town supervisor, Nate McMurray has proposed to close West River Parkway and replace it with an 8 mile bike path. The parkway is nearest the Niagara River and is open to north south traffic. McMurray says the parkway is under-utilized, and that a bike path would be a good addition here and some residents here agree.

"A lot of people would be able to use it, it's very scenic it's a very under-utilized nuisance and it's not well maintained," said Dan Falk, another Grand Island resident.

But, other residents believe if this becomes a bike path, traffic would spill over to West River Road, which is nearest to residential homes, and is also open to traffic in both directions. State traffic data from 2014 says about 1,500 vehicles use this road everyday.

2 On Your Side has taken up those questions to the state parks department, was the town alerted of when the study would start? The state says yes, it did inform the town, but we haven't gotten a response on whether the state said cameras would be involved.

The state does say that the three cameras will be taken down after this weekend, it's unclear when the traffic study will be released.


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