Could Hillary Set Up Presidential HQ In Buffalo?

Could Hillary Clinton set up her national campaign headquarters in Buffalo, if she decides to run? Political pundit and author James Carville says the further she is from Washington, the better!

Her husband, former President Bill Clinton, had his headquarters in Little Rock, Arkansas. President Obama had his in Chicago. And when Clinton ran for President last election, her headquarters were in Northern Virginia.

The idea is getting a lot of attention since Carville penned his story for After all, Buffalo has been good to the Clintons.

Said former Erie County Democratic Chairman Leonard Lenihan, "After President Clinton was impeached in 1999, the first thing he did was fly to Buffalo to a rousing crowd of 19,000 people at the arena downtown, and in 2000, when Hillary was running for U.S. Senate, she was behind when she came to town for a debate, and her opponent made a big mistake, and she never looked back."

Lenihan says it's a fantastic idea, but it could be more symbolic than practical. Political science professor Bruce Fisher agrees the idea is a good one. It would help the local economy and the campaign would connect with people who are not part of Washington, and the tit-for-tat silliness.

Carville sums up his advice to Clinton this way: "The less Washington, the better."


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