County, Town at Odds Over Road Repair Cost

CLARENCE, NY - A neighborhood in Clarence has been dealing with some pretty bad potholes. On Thursday night, we told you about a county road in Clarence that residents say has been unsafe for years.

Residents have had issues with Connor Road, which is located between Stahley and County roads.

Now, there may be a plan that could finally be taking shape to fix the road. County Executive Mark Poloncarz is proposing to cover half of the cost to fix Connor Road. But, town officials are at odds with the county in terms of how much the project will actually cost.

Parts of Connor Road, which is owned by the county are bumpy and deteriorating. Connor is not frequently used and is nearly a mile long.

Poloncarz says it would cost a million dollars to fix the road and says the county could cover half of the costs, if the town pays for the other half.

"We have a plan for Connor Road, which entails the county spending $500,000 for site work, drainage work if the town will do the other half, which is $500,000 for the completion of the road, and then we will turn over the road to the town," Poloncarz said.

But, the Clarence town supervisor believes the road construction cost is higher and prefers that the county handle all the costs.

"I would have no problem with the same sort of arrangement where the county comes in they do a complete reconstruction the road is brand new and then the town takes it over that would make a lot of sense," said supervisor David Hartzell disagrees with Poloncarz and says it would cost two or three million dollars in repair costs.

There have been times in the past that the county and a municipality would fix a road and it would be handed over to the town or village.

Road construction season in Erie County begins next month.

The county is spending 25 million dollars on more than 60 projects this summer.


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