Improper use of federal funds: Why there was no investigation

BUFFALO, N.Y. - The office for the U.S. Attorney for the western district of New York State is now telling Two On Your Side why there was no investigation into the improper use of federal money in the city of Buffalo.

City of Buffalo officials have admitted that more than one million dollars in HUD funds were used improperly.

"I did not decline to prosecute further," said William Hochul, U.S. District Attorney in a statement to Two On Your Side. "No case was brought forward to be prosecuted. HUD told us they would be handling it on their own internally."

Two On Your Side contacted HUD to find out why they did not push for an investigation into a criminal case? They sent the following response:

"We analyzed the findings and decided that with technical assistance and additional oversight... we could get the city back on track without going to court."

The misuse of HUD money granted to the city of Buffalo did net two federal convictions.

Former Buffalo City councilman Brian Davis served time for theft of federal funds.

The former executive director of the Strategic Planning Office, Timothy Wanamaker pled guilty to theft of federal funds.
Wanamaker was sentenced to probation and forced to pay back $29,000 in federal money he used for personal travel.

In 2012, HUD's own Inspector General's Office outlined a total of $1.69 million in improper and illegal spending.

If you are wondering, like we are, if there were other prosecutions coming in this latest chapter of improper spending of HUD money.

The answer is no. HUD did not want any more cases.


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