Drivers Complain About Unplowed Streets in Buffalo

BUFFALO, NY -2 On Your Side received a lot of complaints on our Facebook page from people around Western New York, who had trouble getting places through unplowed streets.

Most of us have been digging out of the snow or trying to get our way through it. And in a way, these are the lucky ones.

We saw several residents with their vehicles broken down on the side of the road. That was the case for Alexander Cruz, a Riverside resident. When we found him, he was running a little late in picking up his uncle.

"I'm going to do some shoveling right now, take a little snow out and let me see if I can take it out," Cruz said.

In the city, what you'll find is heavy and mushy snow. Plows are rumbling through the streets. But, we've heard complaints citywide of streets that are tough to get through - like at City Honors, where one viewer told us the conditions were terrible and cars were getting stuck around the school as parents were dropping off their kids.

2 On Your Side checked out the conditions at City Honors and we did find some slippery spots.

Also in Allentown, where on many side streets, it was tough to see the pavement.

And in Riverside, some sidewalks are impassible and trash containers rest on top of snowbanks.

And people on foot, can't use the sidewalks, so they have no choice but to walk in the street.

"The building and property owner's responsible to maintain their sidewalks to keep them clear of snow and ice," said Commissioner Steve Stepniak, of the Buffalo Public Works Department.

The city says that part of the reason why some streets are rough has to do with the timing of the snow.

"Weekends snow always becomes a little bit tougher because of the volume of parked cars we have, but according to the plan, we stick to that and it goes forward and it seems to work," Stepniak said.

On weekends there's limited off-street parking, so many people park on both sides of the street. The city says that streets were plowed, but parking spaces couldn't be taken care of until Monday morning when many people left their parking spots.

"We do the mains and secondaries first and then get into the residential [neighborhoods] and that's been our strategy all along and that's the strategy that works for us," Stepniak said.

If people have a problem with a quality of life issue, city officials say it's best to call 311 to report that issue. The city says it didn't have many 311 calls over the weekend.


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