Buffalo DJ Saw Beatles First American Concert

Buffalo, N.Y. - Tuesday, February 11th, 1964 marked Day Three of the British Invasion of America, and the Beatles were on a train from New York City to Washington D.C.

They had just appeared in front of 73 million people on the Ed Sullivan Show launching Beatlemania, and now were headed to play their first ever concert in the states in Washington.

Longtime Buffalo disc jockey Harv Moore, of the team Taylor and Moore, was a morning DJ at one of Washington's top rock and roll stations at the time.

Harv Moore: "By that time when they came to D.C. they were on the verge of being superstars- they were the Beatles, but they weren't THE Beatles!"

The Beatles were due to arrive at Washington's Union Station at just before four in the afternoon.

Harv Moore: "My program director Dean Griffith said Harv I want you to go down to Union Station with a tape recorder and get an interview with the Beatles. I said OK, well I was there when they came off the train and were just whisked right by everybody.

Right by everybody including Harv.- he can be seen in a picture right behind John Lennon, being left behind in the Beatles' wake.

From the train station the Beatles went to the Washington Coliseum for a sound check and a quick press conference.

Scott Brown: "What was that press conference like?"

Harv Moore: "They were so great, just so gracious they were funny they talked with us and they loved the gifts that we brought them, the WPGC sweatshirts, as a matter of fact they put them on right away. Unfortunately nobody thought to bring a camera- we had no clue as to what was about to happen, what was going to happen with the Beatles you know, so nobody brought a camera."

Scott Brown: "Did you think it was possible this was going to be a fad?"

Harv Moore: "Yes definitely, I think everybody did. They were a group from England, four guys they were creating a lot of noise around the world, but nobody really knew this was going to become a major force in music."

That night at the Washington Coliseum, two important events occurred in Harv Moore's life -he got to see the Beatles first U.S. concert , and although he didn't realize it at the time, he would meet his future wife.

Harv had been on the stage with a number of other DJs, and when it was time for the concert to begin, he left the stage.

Harv Moore: "We were escorted by the police and I could see out of the corner of my eyes these girls literally running across the seats of the chairs shouting who is he? Who is he? Because I had on a blazer, I had on black pants and Beatle boots on and I had long hair I guess they thought I was with the entourage and they knocked me down and I fell on top of this beautiful brunette that two years later I met and she said 'do you know you fell on me at the Beatles concert' and I said really, and she said yeah, well we dated and got married two years later, that was pretty special."

As far as the concert itself.-

Harv Moore: "I was taken to the back of the Coliseum to watch the show - you couldn't hear anything it was just constant bedlam, girls screaming, literally screaming, It was just bedlam is the best way I can describe it."

Harv's brush with the Beatles didn't end when the concert was over and that's because he and a fellow DJ, Bob Raleigh, went to the Beatles hotel, got past security and went to the Beatles' hotel room.

Harv Moore: "We went to the door, knocked on the door, they opened the door and said who are you guys? Bob Raleigh and Harv Moore from WPGC, OK they said come on in. We walked into the room and there they (the Beatles) sat around a coffee table eating spaghetti and Ringo's eating spaghetti he looks up and says who are you guys? We're disc jockeys. You're not supposed to be here, and they ushered us out."

Harv Moore has spent more than 50 years in radio and met dozens and dozens of stars, but as he looks back on his career, February 11th, 1964 tops it all.

Harv Moore: "The Beatles, I can't think of anything that could possibly surpass that day, that day in Washington D.C."


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