ATF Trains Police, Fire on Explosion Evidence

ATF Holds Live Explosive Training In WNY

Gasport, NY -  First responders in Western New York got a close-up look at bomb making materials and explosions as they took part in a special training session today in Niagara County.
A series of explosions set in vehicles and with homemade and commercial devices were touched off by ATF agents and investigators in a rock quarry. That was so police and firefighters could learn how to preserve evidence after explosions caused by even homemade simple bombs.
Supervisor ATF agent Steven Dickey of the Buffalo office said, "It starts from the first responder showing up to actually see what's going on so the other experts who do get there can have an idea of what they're looking for so they know where to start.”
 "We teach components ...components to find and locate and possibly bomb making components.  I'm not going to go into the signature of the bomb itself. But we do teach them components,  recognition of components and things to look for post blast that could be evidence of a bomb making plot," ATF Special Agent Bomb Technician Gerry O Sullivan said. :
US Attorney William Hochul pointed out,  "With the very same kind of of explosive devices that we are going to be studying and actually training for today...we have ongoing right now the prosecution in Niagara County against a man who set off or detonated an explosive device and was found to have seven other improvised explosive devices."
A series of prearranged explosions were actually sent off some in vehicles. Others were set with homemade and commercial devices here in the quarry area. And again the idea is  to bring in the first responders to help preserve and possibly collect evidence which can be analyzed. All this going to the idea of zeroing in on a bomber much like we recently saw down to New York City and New Jersey.
The ATF hopes this information will produce a more efficient,  effective investigation to catch a bomb maker.


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