Amanda Hansen Foundation Needs Financial Help

The Amanda Hansen Foundation helps local families protect themselves from carbon monoxide. Now, they need financial help.

"She was my life, loved her to death"

Amanda's dad poured his heart into saving other lives after his daughter Amanda died of carbon monoxide poisoning while at a sleep over.

The Amanda Hansen Foundation has given out 16,000 Carbon monoxide detectors to people in need. They even donated a furnace this winter.

Now, Ken worries how to continue with funds running low.

"This is the lowest we've every dropped so I haven't really slept much," Ken Hansen said. "So I stay up all night trying to think what I can do what should my next move be. How can I keep this foundation alive and not let Amanda down."

Ken says this winter has kept them busy handing out over 1,000 CO detectors just in January leaving them with $10,000 of funds. Ken explains that's hard to stretch when things like grant writing can cost as much as $2,000 dollars.

"Again we've had the most amazing support from Buffalo surrounding areas and we don't want to keep going back to them for more and more," Hansen said. "That's why we want people to help us with grant writing -- that would be a big deal for us."

He hopes financial help will keep the foundation going, to bring him at least some peace.

"The biggest thing I remember is her sense of humor," Hansen said. "She was the funniest girl ever, she was just an amazing child."

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