Unexpected Exercise Health Benefits

Health Benefits of Exercise

As we know, exercise brings a lot of health benefits... and new research is finding even more... in unexpected areas.
Recently it was found that adopting an exercise program could have added benefits for breast cancer patients.
Researchers from northwestern university analyzed memory and exercise in breast cancer survivors through reported data or by analyzing accelerometers worn by some of the patients.
The findings showed that high levels of modest and vigorous physical activity such as walking, biking, or jogging led to lower levels of perceived memory problems.
Experts believe the improvments were brought on by increased levels of self-confidence, lower distress, and less fatigue.

Exercise can also help reduce anxiety and depression in people with chronic lung disease.
A new study found higher amounts of physical activity were linked to a 11-percent lower risk of anxiety and a 15-percent lower risk of becoming depressed.
Experts say these findings are significant since mental disorders are common among c-o-p-d patients.
Physical activity promotion programs may help lower the burden of mental disorders in copd patients.

And being more active can even help lower your healthcare costs.
A new study of 26-thousand Americans found people with cardiovascular disease had higher medical expenses... but patients who got the recommended amount of weekly exercise ... spent about 25-hundred dollars less per year than those who did not meet exercise guidelines.
Even among the healthiest people with no heart disease ... those who exercised spent 500 dollars less in medical costs than their more sedentary peers.
And get this... the research suggests if 20 percent of cardiovascular disease patients met exercise goals, the nation could save billions of dollars in healthcare costs each year.

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