Fruit Recall From Local Stores Expanded

BUFFALO, NY- A fruit recall announced in July that affected nectarines, peaches and plums sold at several local stores was extended Monday.

The recall on the fruit sold at Wegmans, Trader Joe's, Sam's Club and Walmart initially covered fruit packed between June 1 and June 12. The Wawona Packing Company however decided to extend the recall to cover July 17 out of caution.

Wawona is concerned that the fruit has been contaminated with listeria.

Wegmans told 2 On Your Side Tuesday they did not receive any fruit from Wawona covered by the additional dates.

Products recalled include:

Non-Organic Sweet 2 EAT boxed or bagged:

• Yellow Nectarines, 2 lb. bag, UPC 33383 32300 8

• Black Plums, 2 lb. bag, UPC 33383 32011 3

• Yellow Nectarines, 4 lb. box, UPC 33383 32371 8

• Yellow Peaches, 4 lb. box, UPC 33383 32372 5

Non-Organic Sweet 2EATBulk, sold individually by the pound:

• Yellow Nectarines, PLU code 4378 (on the sticker)

• Black Plums, PLU code 4040

• Yellow Peaches, PLU code 4044

• White Nectarines, PLU code 3035

• White Peaches, PLU code 4401

Organic Sweet 2EATBulk, sold individually by the pound:

• Yellow Organic Peaches, PLU 94044

• Yellow Organic Nectarines, PLU 94378

• Black Organic Plums, PLU 94040

Organic Sweet 2 EAT boxed:

• Family Pack Organic Peaches, 2.5 lb. box, UPC 8 4913 00036 3

Made fresh in-store and packaged,(sold pre-packaged in random weights):

• Sliced yellow peaches

• Sliced yellow nectarines

• Wegmans peach salsa


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