First of its kind surgery takes place at Sisters Hospital

BUFFALO, N.Y.- A first of its kind surgery took place in Buffalo Tuesday, as doctors at Sisters Hospital implanted an endograph stent that treats aneurysms that are at a difficult angle for surgeons to access.

The unique two piece stent, which is made by Lombard Medical, is impermeable to blood and extremely flexible. Doctors believe this new device will lead to an easier recovery for patients and a shorter hospital stay.

"Before [the procedure] would include an incision from the chest and hospital stay for a week," Dr. Paul Anain, a vascular surgeon at Sisters Hospital said.

"Now overnight stays in the hospital with just two small incisions in the groin, and this allows us to treat patients with significant angulation and now we can treat many more patients."

Anain and fellow vascular surgeon Dr. Roger Walcott say the trials for this new stent have produced great results, and the operation can even be done while the patient is awake.

The doctors say those over the age of 65 with a history of smoking have the most risk of suffering an abdominal aneurysm, recommend being screened with an ultrasound.

The treatment was the first of its kind in New York State.


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