Brown Staying Silent Until Press Briefing

Buffalo, NY - Wednesday evening, Buffalo Schools Superintendent Pamela Brown announced she will be starting weekly press briefings.

The first press briefing is scheduled for Thursday at noon at Buffalo City Hall.

Channel 2 tried speaking with Dr. Brown at Wednesday night's school board meeting, but her public relations assistant said she would not be available for interviews until Thursday during the press conference.

Brown spoke about launching the weekly press briefings during her "Superintendent's Update" at the beginning of the meeting Wednesday night. At that time, she also spoke about how she will be on a radio show this week. Brown also said she has been to more than one-hundred parent involvement events.

Board members were not as shy about speaking out. We spoke with Board President Dr. Barbara Seals Nevergold after the meeting. She told us there has been a perception that Brown has not been accessible.

"I don't know why she doesn't want to talk about them tonight. Certainly, (there are) a lot of things on the agenda. But I think the press conferences are a good idea. I think it's an opportunity for her to connect more with the media. I know there's been a perception and a belief that she has been inaccessible. And so this is an opportunity to be more accessible," says Seals Nevergold.

We spoke with Board Member Carl Paladino before board members went into executive session.

"She'll be available tomorrow at noon because she has to gather her thoughts probably," said Paladino. "Remember, the first year of her presence here, you couldn't even talk to her. Now, at least, with a little public awareness of that fact, she's at least talking to you, but I'm sure she has to be prepped by her staff in order to be properly ready for questions that might come in."

Brown's assistant said the weekly briefings would not always be held on Thursdays.


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