Man gets 39 to life sentence for killing 13-year-old girl

BUFFALO, NY - Darshawn Morris will spend 39-years-to-life in prison. He was convicted of raping, murdering and partially dismembering 13-year old Lanasha Rollerson.

Morris did not speak at his sentencing before State Supreme Court Justice William Boller. The judge spared no words when he imposed a consecutive sentence to keep Morris behind bars for what the judge says he hopes will be the rest of the defendant's "natural life."

"You, a 21-year old married man, had sex with a 13-year old girl. While denying you murdered this girl, you admitted not only that you helped dump the girl's body in a nearby garage, but then alone obtain a saw, and attempted to saw her head off and saw her arm off. You also admitted that you spilled gasoline on her chest and lit a fire on her body."

The description brought the victim's family to tears. Lanasha's mother, Tamika Maclin briefly addressed the court. She wanted to clear any misconceptions that her daughter was a young prostitute or promiscuous. "She was a loving child...she had potential," she said. "She wanted to be a crime investigator, but she ended up being the crime."

Lanasha was murdered after sneaking out of her home to attend a party at Morris' Hagen Street home.

Prosecutor James Bargnesi called this case "the worst of the worst in my opinion to think about what was done to this victim was absolutely outrageous. Its worse than a horror show."

Jude Boller sentenced Morris to 25-years to life on the murder count, 7-10 years for rape and 7-10 years for criminal sexual act. It is a consecutive sentence. "My sentence is for the purpose of never allowing you to rape sodomize another human being, said the judge.

The victim's family has established the Lanasha Rollerson Foundation. They are planning a citywide walk in Buffalo on June 1.


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