My 2 Cents: Marissa Bailey Wonders What's Up With Fitzpatrick's Beard?

12:24 AM, Dec 10, 2010   |    comments
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I know all the men at home will roll their eyes that I'm even bringing this up -- but Ryan Fitzpatrick -- what's with the beard????

I can't stop staring at it during post game interviews!

I know guys... You think I'm crazy... Who cares about a beard when the Bills are losing?

Well guess what?

I guarantee -- your female counterparts --- agree with me 100 percent.

Ok... It's not the fact that Fitzpatrick has a beard.

It's not the fact that Fitzpatrick is a good looking guy with a beard.

It's more about the mangy... unrulyness that I just know is filled with sweat during every game.

Does the post game shower require shampoo and conditioner for that thing???

I try -- so hard -- to listen to what you're saying ryan -- but that mess -- is just plain distracting.

There's got to be something living in there!

A mama bird and her chicks?

Leftovers from lunch?

Wait... I bet it's where you hold the play book.

Come on Ryan.

I believe in you... but not that beard.

Help the female population of bills fans out here and trim it up!

I'm Marissa Bailey and that's -- My 2 Cents.

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