My 2 Cents: Loraine O'Donnell Wishes Happy Holidays

1:22 AM, Dec 8, 2010   |    comments
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Loraine O'Donnell

When did wishing someone "Happy Holidays" become an all-out assault on Christmas?

OK, here's the deal...

When I first meet someone I DON'T KNOW I say HAPPY HOLIDAYS because...I DON"T KNOW THEM.

When I get to know them and they share their religious beliefs I then greet them accordingly.


I was at a party last year and greeted someone whom i hadn't met before with HAPPY would have thought I killed her puppy..."Aren't you Christian" she snapped...that's not the point I said calmly...i was greeting YOU and since you're not wearing your KISS ME I'M CHRISTIAN T-shirt i didn't know!

People...we need to relax! We are a melting pot of Christians, Jews, Muslims, name it-we got it!

So next time someone wishes you HAPPY HOLIDAYS they're NOT trying to take the Christ out of christmas...they're trying to greet you properly and get to know you.

SO how about replying politely with...thank you..I'm christian...and what holiday do YOU celebrate? Relax people...wer'e celebrating the hollidays...ALL OF THEM.

Have some eggnog and relax...or fruitcake...ok, not matter what religion you are I think we can all agree that THAT STUFF IS JUST WRONG...

I'm Loraine O'Donnell and that's My 2 Cents!

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