My 2 Cents: Ed Kilgore Talks About The Bills

12:37 AM, Nov 20, 2010   |    comments
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Did Sunday's win over the Lions blow the Bills' chance at grabbing the number one pick in April's NFL draft?

There's little question the Bills will have to have the #1 overall pick to grab the best college quarterback available.... Stanford's Andrew Luck.

I'm well aware of the sentiment that says that #1 pick makes a franchise relevant again.....Lots will be made of video and pictures showing that stud franchise quarterback holding up your team's jersey after the big announcement.

The joy and hope that moment can bring!!

That's warm and fuzzy....but I say the Bills need to win every game they can possibily win with seven to play.

Should they win three or four or even more....unlikely... but the outlook for next season changes....and they might still be in position to take a Jake Locker or Ryan Mallett as their future QB who learns under Ryan Fitzpatrick.

You can't get to 500 or better by going 1-15... But many teams have gone from 5-11 to 11-5 in one year.

The Bills have a losing culture that needs to change....and that means now.....And anything less is not acceptable.

I'm Ed Kilgore and thats My 2 Cents.


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