My 2 Cents: Patrick Harris Talks About Changing Street Signs

11:33 PM, Nov 8, 2010   |    comments
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Patrick Harris

The federal government has passed a law that every street sign must start with a capital letter and the rest must be in lowercase letters.

My question is: For what reason?

The government's answer is that it is easier for us to read signs that aren't screaming at us in all caps.


With the state of the country being what it is, I think this is a huge waste of money. This must be done by 2018.

New York City estimates it will take $27 million to make the change there alone.

Living in the Buffalo area and being a small business owner, I am peeved!

What about the homeless, the veterans, the schools, the roads and what about small businesses?

All these sectors will suffer as localities again have to take from service programs to swallow another frivolous mandate.


As I look out my window, I realize every sign I see must be changed. It will take millions to change signs here in Western New York.

It's crazy to spend this kind of money on something so ridiculous when relief programs for residents and small businesses are being disabled as we speak.


This is all being done without the vote of the people who must foot the bill. It's just taking us farther down the avenue of wasteful spending.

I'm Patrick Harris... and that's My 2 Cents.

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