My 2 Cents: Dan Meyer Talks Term Limits

6:15 AM, Nov 5, 2010   |    comments
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Now that the latest elections have come and gone, it's time to focus on an important issue - term limits.

I believe that every elected office should have term limits.

If the president of the United States of America has a limit of two consecutive terms, why shouldn't any other position have term limits?

There are a number of elected officials who have hung on for far too long and have simply worn out their welcome.

Yes, there were elected.

But they were voted into office because they were allowed to run over and over and over again.

The problem of career politicians can be addressed through term limits.

To keep things simple, I propose a cap of 10 years of service for any position.

Hey, if you can't get the business of the people accomplished within a decade, it's probably time to move along and pursue another career.

We want temporary public servants, not career politicians.

Term limits will help introduce change and hopefully lead to a more effective government for us all.

I'm Dan Meyer... and that is MY 2 CENTS.

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