My 2 Cents: John Beard Has Road Rage About Cigarettes

11:07 PM, Nov 1, 2010   |    comments
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I don't know about you, but I don't really get road rage, OK maybe a little when I get cutoff or I see somebody blow through a stop light, but mostly I'm pretty mellow behind the wheel.

But there is one thing that really ticks me off, and that's when I see somebody throw a cigarette out the window.

I don't mind if you smoke, and I don't mind how you drive as long as your safe, but when you throw a cigarette out on the street, thump it out there like it's your own private road, then you may meet me in person, maybe you already have. maybe we've exchanged hand signals.

Now you don't see this disgusting habit as much as you used to. Question is why does it happen at all, it's littering, in some parts of the country it's a fire hazard but mostly it's just a case of thumbing your nose at society, your way of telling other people you don't need to play by their rules, in other words you're just an...Oops, can't say that word.

Until we have that chance to meet in person, do me a favor and use a tried and true bit of automotive technology, the ashtray!

I'm John Beard and that's My 2 Cents.

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