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My 2 Cents: Rob Lederman Questions Today's TV Famillies

12:46 PM, Oct 29, 2010   |    comments
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Rob Lederman

Ok, I am gonna sound old and uncool but remember when every TV show had a family?

From Ward Clever to Cliff Huxtable from the Petries to the Partridges; all these shows had parents.

Maybe not totally normal ones, I mean my Mom never had a band and we drove a Ford Falcon, not a multi-colored bus.

But at least you had some structure of a family.

Man that is so not the case anymore.

Perfect example is this horrific family show called ICarly.

This show has no parents at all, the guardian is the older brother who has the brain of a post-it note.

Why are we allowing our kids to think that at 12 or 13, they can out smart every teacher in school and get away with every prank they pull with no consequence at all?

Tweenie little brats smarter than every adult ?

And we wonder why kids today have no respect for authority.

Just watch one show or even an ad for ICarly.

I mean this brat actually looks at the camera and says." I am gonna break her face" and hold up her fists to the camera.

Or will it be the episode where she has "I love you" written on her butt.



I remember when 'AAAAA' was said by Fonzi to be cool.

'AAAA' wasn't a body part doubling as a billboard.

Or..maybe it will be the " Best of my kissing weekend".


You are 14 and have kissed enough boys to fill a weekend of programming.



In my world we had another name for a girl like that...

But if I say it I will be asked to leave the Channel 2 studios.

Maybe I am old fashioned but give me a soda shop, a house with rules and a parent that cares.

I am Eddie Haskel and that is My 2 Cents.


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