My 2 Cents: Tom Ragan Talks About Being Better Hosts To New Businesses

11:01 PM, Oct 27, 2010   |    comments
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Tom Ragan

The website Yahoo! is bringing their data center to Lockport, and with it, high-paying jobs.

Nice work Yahoo!.

From a meteorological stand-point, we're built for these high-tech chicken coops.

Our wind, chilly climate, and hydroelectric power, make us a high-tech destination.

Nice work Western New Tork.

And then, Channel 2 reported last week someone broke into the Yahoo! construction site and stole $10,000 worth of copper wire.

No, no, for all that is decent, no.

To our friends in Lockport: Don't you understand they're bringing jobs, and you're stealing their copper.

It's like back in the day, announcing Bethlehem Steel is coming, and then our grandfathers go steal all their steel.

If we keep doing this, Yahoo! may take their jobs elsewhere.

Yahoo! may think we're crazy and decide to move their data center to Canada, or worse, Rochester.

Picture that sign on the thruway: Rochester-the city with Yahoo!, because Buffalo heard copper was selling for 4 bucks a pound.

Yea! Let's go buy a bicycle.

Look, the Yahoo! data center can attract enough new business to build a critical mass of tech jobs in an area in desperate need.

Let's move all our tricks to the sidelines on this, taxes, union strong arming, dirty political tricks, copper thefts, you know, otherwise known as our first gut instincts when it comes to development.

Let's be smarts hosts to Yahoo!, so they'll tell their buddies Google and Microsoft they need to move here next.

I'm Tom Ragan, and that's My 2 Cents.

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