My 2 Cents: John Beard Talks About Politicians and Voters

10:05 PM, Oct 25, 2010   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY-- The election is right around the corner and I'm mad as hell.

I'm mad at the politicians who worry more about raising money and staying in office, that they care about taking care of their constituents, and I'm mad at the constituents who complain about big spending by politicians, but like all the stuff their congressman got for their district.

I'm mad about high taxes, the Tea Party's mad about that, so are the Republicans, and so are the Democrats. But it's not enough to say taxes are too high or that you'll lower them unless you explain how to make up for that lost revenue.

I'm mad as hell about wasteful spending, just like everybody else.

So where do we cut?

Do we cut education? Do we cut medicare? Do we cut the military? How about social security? Every cut saves money, and every cut hurts somebody who depends on it.

Here's my point...

Life is hard and so is governing. There are no easy answers and there are no quick fixes.

Do some homework and please don't vote without studying the issues and the candidates, find out who's funding their campaigns. And let me leave you with this, the guys who promise the quick fix and the easy answer are usually the one's to watch out for.

I'm John Beard and that's My 2 Cents!

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