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My 2 Cents: Tom Ragan Shares His View of Paladino's Campaign

11:19 PM, Oct 22, 2010   |    comments
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Tom Ragan

BUFFALO, NY-- In the race for governor, the Paladino campaign has been disaster.

Paladino promised to talk about issues, what did we get?

Well, go to his website and you get some funny cartoons, a video or two, and then, buried three clicks in, eight sentences on his plan for New York.

Eight sentences?

Your fifth grade kid probably wrote a longer book report last night.

I'm not a Cuomo fan by any stretch, but at least he has a 173-page plan online and a call for a constitutional convention.

173 pages?

Apparently, Cuomo's prowess is legendary.

Of the eight sentences comprising Paladino's plan, several, according to statements from his own campaign are based on a trick, declaring a fiscal state of emergency, which a state constitutional expert told me he can't declare easily and certainly not without the legislature's help, you know, the same legislature he wants to impose term limits on and take a baseball bat to.

Good luck with that.

But instead of talking about issues, Paladino is obsessed with slinging dirt at Cuomo on affairs, punching that bald-headed reporter from the Post and he had a bad time at a gay-pride parade.

You know Carl, you're either bent on running the worst campaign in New York State history or you have add, or both.

Where's the realistic plan to cut taxes and bring jobs to our state?

Where's the call for a constitutional convention giving the people a chance to reform three men in a room?

In this race, Carl had issues.  Problem is, they weren't the one we wanted him to talk about.

I'm Tom Ragan... and that's My 2 Cents.

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