Zip It Pencil Case

7:20 AM, Sep 13, 2010   |    comments
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This pencil case is not like any other you've ever seen. We bought the Zip It Pencil Case at office max for $4.99.

The zip it case looks different. And putting it together is half the fun. Arianna starts zipping that long zipper.

"So look isn't that cool? As she zips it - it keeps getting bigger and bigger."

In no time - we have a pencil case ready to go. Aidan decides to see just how much our case can hold.

"You can put a lot of pencils in here and it fits all the way to the top. It seems like it holds a lot of pencils. Arie - what do you think? I think it's two thumbs up because it's really unique and it's fun for kids and it's really interesting."

We try un-zipping the case. It was fun to play with and easy to use. Our little testers like this product... Because it takes a simple school supply and turns it into something too cool for school.

We're giving the zip it pencil case... 2 thumbs up!

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