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In my continued search to find the best websites to save you time and money, today how to feed your family on a budget.

 There are dozens of restaurants in our community and across the country where your kids can eat free on different days of the week. You just need to know where to go... and on what day.

MomsLikeMe is a phenomenal partner site where some of the best bargain hunters in the region (like FrugalGail) impart great information. CLICK HERE and you can find which restaurants in the area will feed your children for free. I'm always impressed with the information I find on our Mom's site; This was just another great addition to the mix.

Now... if you're on a trip, CLICK HERE and you'll find why MyKidsEatFree has you covered wherever you are. This is a new website; so it's not as throrough right now as it will be in a few months. But the concept is great. And remember if you have a restaurant to add to either website, your input will be appreciated by thousands of other parents and grandparents. This website is not useful though on WNY stores... our Mom's site is.

CLICK HERE for WNY's growing list.

CLICK HERE for restaurants OUTSIDE of the WNY area.

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