Expert Believes Amanda Wienckowski Was Killed

5:16 AM, Mar 28, 2009   |    comments
Amanda Wienckowski
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A leading national expert in crime scene analysis believes Amanda Wienckowski was the victim of a homicide.

Wienckowski was the 20 year old Niagara County woman whose nude body was found in a garbage tote on Buffalo's East Side back in January, a month after she went missing.

The Erie County Medical Examiner's office has ruled that Wienckowski died of a drug overdose.

One of the key questions in the case is whether the amount of drugs in her system was enough to cause her death.

The autopsy also revealed that Wienckowski had numerous bruises on her body.  Because of that, her family believes she was murdered.

At the request of Amanda's family, Dr. Lawrence Kobilinsky, the Chairman of the Forensic Science Department at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York, reviewed her autopsy report.

Kobilinsky says the bruises on her body, combined with how Wienckowski's body was found, dumped into a tote a month after she went missing, lead him to believe that Amanda was killed.

Kobilinsky: "In a case where someone is attacked and exerting themselves in an aggressive way, fighting off an attack, combine that with a sub-lethal dose of a drug, the story is that it's a homicide."

Scott Brown: "Do you believe there was a rush to judgment here (by the Medical Examiner)?"

Kobilinsky: "I do. I think this needs to be looked at more closely. There's a piece of this puzzle that's missing and the Medical Examiner needs to start the ball rolling by declaring this was a homicide."

Friday afternoon, Amanda's mother and stepfather met with members of the District Attorney's office.

They say the D.A.'s office is going to reach out to Kobilinsky.

"What's going to happen is they're going to talk to Dr. Kobilinsky and then they will determine from there if they will allow somebody else to look at Amanda" (to perform a second autopsy) says her mother, Leslie Brill Fink.

"I am pleased because they are going to talk to this doctor and they will see that this was not an overdose."

D.A. Frank Sedita did not return two phone calls from 2 On Your Side following that meeting.


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