Rachel's Cafe & Deli

2:15 PM, May 20, 2008   |    comments
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Rachel's Cafe and Deli is located at 5953 Main Street in Williamsville, New York. 2 On Your Side's Josh Boose sat down with manager, Joseph Khoury recently. "I'm here with the manager, Joseph Khoury," said Boose. "A friend told me about this place. I came in here for the first time; the food was amazing, so fresh. First of all, what kind of food do you guys have here?" "Thank you very much, said Khoury. "I just want to thank you for coming out here. What we do is we specialize in Mediterranean food. That's our specialty. We also carry all your American foods but this is our specialty, what we're showing here." "And it's awesome," said Boose. First of all, let's start with this dish right in front of us, what is this dish here?" "This is a very popular open beef and chicken souvlaki," said Khoury. "It's our salad topped with feta cheese and homemade, marinated boneless, skinless chicken and also steak that's also marinated and prepared by my own mother and father. " "That's the difference here", said Boose. "That's what makes this place so unique. Explain the process of making the food." "What makes it so unique is the fact that it's a family operation, starting at the core, my mother and father who not only marinate, but hand cut any meat you see out in front of you," said Khoury. "And, it makes it so fresh, daily. The family-owned and operated place, that's what makes it so special to Williamsville." "Over here we have some kabobs, some rice and some tabouli," Boose pointed out. "It looks fantastic." "Yes, this is the homemade rice with a little egg noodle in it," said Khoury. "This is the tabouli, a parsley based salad with a little wheat in it, tomato, onion, olive oil, and lemon juice is the dressing for it. The marinated chicken with onions and green peppers and the steak has onions and green peppers, grilled to perfection. And this is traditionally served with homemade garlic sauce. " "And this right here, the last dish is chicken," said Boose. "The same as what I described here but chicken, open chicken souvlaki," replied Khoury. "And behind it is the homemade Greek dressing and the pita that's served with the dish." "And just explain where you are in Williamsville and the hours," Boose asked. "We are at Main Street in Williamsville, proudly across the street from Williamsville South High School," said Khoury. "Our hours are 10am to 9pm during the week and 10am to 8pm on Saturdays." "And I have to ask, this is my last question before we dig in here, who is Rachel," Boose asked. "Rachel is the baby of the house which we're very proud to name the place after our baby," said Khoury. "Your sister," Boose asked. "My sister yes", Khoury said. "Not my baby." "Fantastic", said Boose. "The food is amazing here at Rachel's Cafe and Deli in Williamsville. Now I'm going to dig in. It looks good." Rachel's Cafe & Deli is located at 5953 Main Street in Williamsville, New York. You can dine in or take out and they also deliver and can cater events. For a menu or for more information, just call 716-635-1100.


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