Who Is Altemio Sanchez?

12:13 PM, Jan 24, 2007   |    comments
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Details about the man that police and prosecutors claim is the bike path rapist have so far, been pretty paper thin. What officials do know is that Altemio Sanchez has been an Erie County resident for most of his life. Since the day of his arrest, Sanchez has been watched around the clock by Sheriff’s Deputies in the Erie County Holding Center. As far as prior to his arrest, police are still trying to piece together the pieces of his past. A source in the Buffalo School District has told 2 On Your Side that Altemio Sanchez went to Grover-Cleveland High School in the late 70’s. According to the Erie County Clerk’s Office, Sanchez and his wife Kathleen once lived at a house just around the corner from Millard Fillmore Gates Hospital. They moved from that home to Allendale Drive in Cheektowaga in 1986, which is the same house police searched after Sanchez was place in police custody Monday. Police have called him a rapist, a killer and a monster. As for those who knew Sanchez they’ve described him as a pleasant, congenial or high spirited. Sanchez’s wife and one of her sons were at his first court appearance but defense attorney Andrew LoTempio encouraged them not to be there for Friday’s hearing, which lasted about five minutes. Sanchez was dressed in a suit jacket, his legs were shackled. To watch the full story, just click on the video link.


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