Buffalo Mom Claims Principal Forged Her Signature

8:24 PM, Nov 5, 2013   |    comments
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Buffalo, NY - A Buffalo mother claims an elementary school principal forged her signature on several documents, and now she wants that principal to go to jail.

"They are different. Every one of these signatures has been signed by somebody. They have not been signed by the same person. And whoever signed on this one, signed on the community superintendent line. I am not a superintendent," says mother of two Timekia Jones.

Jones is not a superintendent, but she is a teacher's aide at Buffalo's Harvey Austin Elementary School.
Her two daughters go to school there.

Jones alleges Principal Brigette Gillespie forged her signature on several school documents.

"This J has a little loop, but again, I have no loop at the top. I have a loop at the bottom," says Jones.

In fact, Jones says she was at Buffalo General Hospital having minor surgery the day one form was signed.

When she discovered the signature, she confronted the principal.

"I asked her who signed my name. She said you signed it. I said, no I did not sign it. She said yes, you were there. I said no I was not there. I said, remember I was in the hospital. You called my phone to see how I was doing. And, when you called my phone, I was in the hospital. She said, okay Miss Jones, we signed it. So I asked, what do you mean we? She said because she's the principal, that she will take full responsibility. And, that was the end of the conversation," says Jones.

But then, when Jones asked to see more documents, she claims she discovered four additional forged signatures.

When Jones went public with the allegations, she says her work schedule suddenly changed.

"It's still the retaliation. It's still the separation of the employees," says Jones.

"And, you're still working there?" asked Channel 2's Kelly Dudzik.

"Yes, I'm still an employee there. I refuse to let anybody stop me from doing something that I love," says Jones.

"Have you actually filed the criminal charges?" asked Dudzik.

"Yes, I actually filed the charges, and I'm waiting for the Attorney General to step in and investigate," says Jones.

Channel 2 talked with a spokesperson for Buffalo Public Schools who will only confirm there is a multi-layered investigation underway into the forgery allegations against Harvey Austin's principal.

"Honestly, I think she should go to jail because if you do it this time, you will do it again, and that's unfair to us parents," says Jones.

We spoke with the state Attorney General's office Monday to try to find out what's happening with the case, and we were told they cannot comment on any potential or on-going investigations.

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