Light Voter Turnout Expected On Tuesday

12:25 PM, Nov 5, 2013   |    comments
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BUFFALO, N.Y. - Don't look for long lines of people waiting to vote on Tuesday.

The consensus from experts 2 On Your Side spoke with on Monday is that about only one of every three voters will get to the polls on Election Day.

Why will turnout be so low?

Well traditionally, big races drive higher turnout and this year there just aren't any.

Not president, not governor, not county executive and this year's race for mayor between Democrat Byron Brown and Republican Sergio Rodriguez is all but over.

Why? There are seven Democrats in Buffalo to every Republican, and Rodriguez has had trouble raising money, forcing him to run his campaign on a shoestring.

Now low turnout in heavily Democratic Buffalo, perhaps as low as 20%, could be very good news for the two Republicans who are running countywide- Sheriff Tim Howard and Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw.

Political Analyst Mike Haselswerdt: "Well it's always better (for Republicans) to have fewer Democrats voting, and people do vote party line a lot, so it's better if that turnout is low in the city. That's why Republicans were so concerned about Rodriguez perhaps mounting a challenge for mayor (and driving up the Democratic vote).

Another area to keep an eye on Tuesday is the county legislature.

Right now Democrats control things by just a single seat 6-5, but Republicans think they may be able to pick up a seat on Tuesday and take control of the legislature.

Political Analyst Carl Calabrese: "If that happens that will change the nature of the County Executive's race in a few years just by virtue of the issues that are talked about, the subjects that are manufactured into issues and the conflict that will occur between a Republican-run legislature and a Democrat County Executive."


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