Residents Say City Ignored Tree Complaint

6:49 PM, Nov 1, 2013   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY - Some residents on Hoyt Street in Buffalo, who had a tree fall on a car, told us it was an accident waiting to happen and that they had complained to the city about it.

Francisco and Chris Cordero, help run KC Family Daycare on Hoyt Street, which is right next to a neighbor, who had the tree fall on their car.

Before kids were dropped off Friday morning, a huge tree outside the daycare came tumbling down and ripped the stump out of the ground.

"Basically it could've been prevented and now as you can see due to the winds, that's the result that we have now," said Francisco Cordero.

Daylight revealed the damage, which included a flattened car roof, a smashed out window and glass littering the pavement.

"We called a couple times and they kept saying the tree was fine and it wasn't going to fall, so here we are today," said Chris Cordero, who adds that the daycare made calls to the city last year to raise concern about the tree and have it removed.

"It just kept moving all the time, just the same weather today, and the branches falling off all the time, it didn't look healthy," said Chris Cordero.

We went to city officials to ask them what came about from the daycare's calls. A city spokesperson tells us they have no record of any 311 calls from the address. The city also says that the Department of Public Works has no record of any complaints there. What they do have record of is car damage from a fallen tree.

The good news is that according to the daycare, the neighbor has insurance on that car.


In all reality, this may be an example that highlights how to deal with similar issues with the city, like a tree concern. Officials say if you have a quality of life issue you should call 311 and that it's also good to get the name of the person you talked to for your records.


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