Corasanti Juor Arrested A Second Time On DWI Charges

3:22 PM, Oct 23, 2013   |    comments
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BUFFALO, N.Y. - Over the weekend, a juror from James Corasanti's trial was arrested a second time for DWI, this time just hours after being acquitted of his first DWI charge.

John Jankowiak of South Buffalo was arrested at four in the morning Saturday in Orchard Park, the police report says "his eyes were red, watery and bloodshot," and that his speech "was slurred, mumbled and thick tongued."

Just hours before that, Jankowiak had been acquitted of DWI charges following his arrest last April in South Buffalo despite what District Attorney Frank Sedita says was overwhelming evidence.

Frank Sedita: "He was coming back from a bar at two o'clock in the morning and hit a utility pole and he was urinating on the floor of a police station. Are you kidding me?"

Jankowiak had refused to take a breathalyzer test in that case, which Sedita believes led to Jankowiak being convicted only of a lesser charge of Driving While Impaired.

Frank Sedita: "There are some judges and I'm not going to name names, there are some judges who no matter what the proof is, no matter how overwhelming the proof of intoxication, hitting utility poles, falling down drunk, vomiting on yourself, urinating on floors, no matter what the proof is, if there's no test, they won't convict ever, never."

And it was after Friday's verdict that Jankowiak allegedly went out drinking and driving again.

Frank Sedita: "You celebrate getting a Driving While Impaired verdict. 'I caught a break on that one, let's get hammered?' And then on top of that you drive yourself? The absurdity, I'm sorry I shouldn't laugh, but it's insane."

Jankowiak also refused a breathalyzer test after his most recent arrest.

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