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Ken-Ton School Leaders Calling to Make Testing Right

4:55 PM, Oct 18, 2013   |    comments
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BUFFALO -- The Kenmore Town of Tonowanda Board of Education created a resolution calling upon the New York State Commissioner of Education and the New York State Board of Regents to stop the over reliance on standardized tests as a measure of student performance.

"We're looking at getting testing right -- that is what's important," Bob Dana Ken-Ton Board of Education President said. "Right now, students are taking tests and time allocated for them to take the test - some of the questions, all inappropriate."

The Board of Education President Bob Dana feels the Common Core test should have the appropriate amount of questions and worded in a way that students at the grade level can understand.

"It just seems to me like in many ways the state is trying to put together a plane while it's still in the air," Dana said. "I think we need to take a time out and take a step back and just get things right before we unleash it on the general population."

Dana is calling on volunteers to work in teams of up to four people who are willing to lobby face to face with state senator Mark Grisanti and Assemblyman Robin Schimminger

The idea is to get 8 teams that will lobby each of these legislators once a week over a three month period to make testing right.

In response, Senator Grisanti's office states that:

Senator Grisanti understands that common core testing has become a hot button issue not only in Western New York, but across the state. The Senator will continue to meet with concerned parents, teachers and school board members on this issue.

Grisanti's spokesperson points out: We have concerns with it just like everyone else. The federal government mandated Common Core and it was the State Education Departments job to implement it.

"I'm not sure we need standardized test in every single grade level -- I would like to see each one of the tests more realistic in terms of addressing the appropriate questions and what the students have learned," Grisanti said. Plus appropriate time to do the test -- I would feel a lot better if things were that way."

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