Donald Trump For NY Governor?

11:35 PM, Oct 14, 2013   |    comments
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A Monroe County Republican has an idea about who he wants to see run for governor next year against Andrew Cuomo.

Assemblyman Bill Nojay has sent a memo to Republican leaders making the case for Donald Trump to enter the race.

The Monroe County Assemblyman who started the idea says Republicans need a strong candidate at the top of the ticket for statewide offices next year, or they could likely lose other important races.

Monday, on Fox News, Trump did not rule out running for governor against Cuomo in 2014.

"What's your initial reaction? Sometimes your first reaction is your best reaction," said one of the Fox News hosts.

"Well, I think my initial reaction is that I haven't even thought about it. I mean, it's a first. It would be very interesting. New York has some very serious problems. We have taxes that are through the roof, we have energy that's sitting under the ground that we're not getting. We have a lot of problems, but it's not something that is of great interest to me, I will say," says Trump.

A political analyst we spoke with says Trump could bring qualities to the table to help the GOP have a viable candidate to run against Governor Cuomo.

"The Republican Party has for a long time really talked about getting a self-made, wealthy entrepreneur to run for governor because they, remember back in 1982, when that type of person named Lou Lehrman ran against Mario Cuomo for the very first time for governor, and it was a great race. He got 48.5% of the vote. Mario Cuomo got about 50-percent, just a bit over 50-percent, and since then, Republicans have longed for the ability to find an entrepreneur-type to run who would be self-funded," says Carl Calabrese.

So could a Trump administration be good for business, and the state?
Political analyst Carl Calabrese says it depends.

"Whether or not Donald Trump is that guy is another question. Because with Donald Trump, the advantage is he's Donald Trump and the disadvantage is he's Donald Trump. He comes with his own war chest, he's self funded. He'd be highly known. He's got name ID as high as anybody, but the problem is you never know what he's going to say, you never know what fight he's going to pick, you never know what's going to become an issue in a campaign that he would be involved in, and you never know if this is serious or not. You never know if it's a real interest on his part, or if he's just maybe just promoting his next television show," says Calabrese.

Another well-known name is also being floated around. The state Conservative Party Chair believes Carl Paladino has a big following statewide, and that Paladino would be a favorite if he chooses to run on the Conservative ticket. You'll remember Paladino ran as a Republican and lost to Cuomo in 2010.

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