Forecasters to Feds: Please Pay Us

11:45 PM, Oct 4, 2013   |    comments
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Image Courtesy: Washington Post

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA, -- In a public forecast discussion, the Anchorage National Weather Service office encoded a secret message to the federal government. It spelled out: "Please pay us."

Alaska's National Weather Service office, whose employees have been working without pay since Tuesday's federal government shutdown - don't know when they will begin to receive pay again. So, they decided to beg the government for money in a witty way in their Friday weather forecast.

The Washington Post found the first letter in each of the first 11 lines in the forecast discussion spells out employees' plea "Please Pay Us."

Two versions of the forecast discussion were online until 5 p.m. today - one with the hidden memo and one without.

The version with the message has since been removed from the Alaska National Weather Service website, though employees are still waiting for answers.

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