Company Profile: Gracious Living

11:40 PM, Sep 26, 2013   |    comments
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Buffalo, NY -- According to Gracious Living's website, its company profile includes 15 brands ranging from children's pools to patio furniture.

"We were attracted by the railway, yes. We were attracted by the proximity to the border, and the lands and buildings in general fit our purposes very nicely," says Gracious Living's CEO Enzo Macri. "We are the largest non-automotive injection molder in Canada with so many machines. Seventy-six of them under one roof."

Macri's new Buffalo plant will make houseware products to sell to big box stores.

Macri says his company wants to expand into the United States and increase sales here.

A quick look at Gracious Living's website reveals the company sells everything from patio furniture to closet organizers and pet supplies.

Macri says the plan includes hiring 250 people over the next three years, mostly Americans, with a few Canadians to help get the project off the ground.

They will fill a variety of jobs from machine operators to supervisors and quality control officers.

Gracious Living has been around since 1980 and was known as Royal Alliance until 2007.

Right now, Gracious Living has about one-thousand employees working in two Canadian plants. One is in Woodbridge just north of Toronto.

The company's website shows manufacturing plants in Tennessee and California, but according to the New York Governor's office, the two American plants have since closed and were subcontracted facilities.

In our web search, we did find one negative story about Gracious Living on the Toronto Star's website.

In 2005, a forklift operator, a temporary employee, died at the Woodbridge plant. And in 2007, Gracious Living was fined $160,000 over the incident.

A search of the Canadian Ministry of Labour's website shows the company pleaded guilty to failing to ensure the worker knew how to properly operate the forklift.

We called and left messages for three of Gracious Living's top officers Thursday and did not hear back.
The CEO did say during Thursday's press conference that he expects the plant to be operational by late 2014.

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