What's Next for the Buffalo School Board?

11:58 AM, Sep 26, 2013   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY - After a Buffalo School board meeting that ran past midnight Wednesday night, it's fair to say nothing has changed in the district.

A motion by board member Carl Paladino to dismiss Superintedent Dr. Pamela Brown failed.

Paladino received only four of the five votes he needed. We later asked Supt. Brown and Board Member Jayson McCarthy if the board can really work effectively together when some were trying to fire her. Brown and board members say they must work together now to improve conditions in the district for the children. But could there be lingering bad feelings. McCarthy says: "Yeah I'm on record. I've been very critical of the leadership of this district. But the reasons why I have that or have gotten there is because of my constituents and the principals and the teachers that I've been speaking to on a daily basis. They're the ones who come to me and say that this district is in chaos." 

Brown responded to questions about her abilities and experience as a manager. "I certainly am up to the job. I know there was some mention about me not having managerial experience . I have about 20 years of experience managing schools and large departments in other districts."

The board also voted against the hiring of Lorey Schultz for a new PR position that pays $115 thousand a year. That vote was 6 to 2, with many members saying the position is just too costly.

So what's next for the district now?

The next question for the board may be the situation with Mary Guinn. She is the woman brought on by the school district as a leadership consultant. Some board members say she is functioning as a deputy superintendent. As Channel 2's Claudine Ewing reported, Guinn is making as much as $290 thousand, and her hotel and travel expenses are also covered.

Board Member James Sampson says the district's legal counsel is now reviewing Guinn's consulting contract and he feels there are flaws in it. Sampson says he will bring up her contract for a vote at the next regular school board meeting on Wednesday, October 9th.


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