Hoyt Lake Fountain Turned On

6:55 PM, Sep 18, 2013   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY-- The condition of Hoyt Lake in Delaware Park is about to get better. A new fountain has been installed, and was activated on Wednesday.

It's just part of the overall improvement plan at Hoyt Lake, but it's a big part and it's been promised for the past three years.

The fountain is supposed to aerate the water and help the fish breathe, resulting in fewer dead fish and getting rid of the awful smell.

Olmsted Parks Conservancy officials said in the spring that they were running electric wiring that would go out to the fountain, and they guaranteed it would be installed this summer. NYS Senator Mark Grisanti (R), who worked to establish the grant money, couldn't be more pleased.

"It's important that as long as you stay on top of things, things will get done and things will move in a forward and positive direction. I'm happy to see it and I think people are going to be pleased," said Grisanti.

The second part of the overall plan, looks toward a long term solution. The Army Corp of Engineers is working on a study that will look at the quality of the sediment, and determine who contaminated it. They'll be gathering their first sediment samples this week to begin that study. Depending on the results, they may dredge the lake completely in the future.

Other work on the lake has already been completed this year. The city received a grant from the DEC to install two new underground water pumps to supply fresh water to Hoyt Lake. Those have already been installed and they have helped with the fishy smell.

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