E-ZPasses Read in Areas Outside of Toll Booths

11:42 PM, Sep 13, 2013   |    comments
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The Williamsville toll barrier.

BUFFALO, NY --- We all have to drive through them to get to different areas of New York State. To make it easier for regular commuters many look to what called an EZ pass to pay tolls.

But a discovery has been made, that the pass is read in places other than toll booths.

A man in New Jersey who goes by the anonymous internet handle puking monkey did an analysis.

He hooked his EZ pass tag up to a sensor that made a mooing sound and set off a light when it was being scanned.

As you can see in this you tube video which we found embedded on Forbes.com, he found his EZ pass was being used to track his car in unexpected places, like time square.

"This is a discrete device that's in your car and there's nothing that indicates big brother is watching and you're being monitored," Attorney Paul Cambria said. "So that's where you get the chance to make this argument that there's an expectation of privacy, it's protected by the fourth amendment and police need a warrant before they can use this information."

Attorney Paul Cambria said that could be an argument if the issue is ever litigated in court.

"Somewhere the police, -- or some other governmental agency is going to use this monitoring information and they're going to use it to prosecute a crime then there lawyers," Cambria said. "If they're doing their jobs, are going to challenge that as violating the constitution of the united states and the judge will make a ruling."

We received a statement from New York City Department of Transportation that stated:

"Data collection via EZ Pass readers has been used by transportation agencies for many years to provide vital information to motorists and agencies about real-time traffic conditions. This helps avoid and prevent traffic congestion in the city and across the region and has contributed to travel time improvement Readers collect aggregate traffic information, which is scrambled and does not identify individual motorists."

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