Remembering Mrs. Harper after 34 Years

11:12 PM, Sep 9, 2013   |    comments
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GRAND ISLAND, NY -- Mrs. Billie Jean Harper meant a great deal to the Grand Island community.

It was her smiling face that students -- and others -- first saw when they walked in Grand Island High School.

Mrs. Harper was much more than a hall monitor. She was a friend, a confidant, a smiling face when kids needed it most. She was also no-nonsense. She was sure to hold you accountable if you got yourself into any trouble.

As the kids at Grand Island High School go back to school Monday morning, there is something missing. Rather, someone.

Mrs. Harper, who was a hall monitor at the school for 34 years will not be there. Mrs. Harper passed away nearly two weeks ago after an illness. 

She leaves behind an incredible legacy for those who walked those halls.

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