Mayor Brown Has Ten Times More Campaign Cash Than Tolbert

6:49 PM, Sep 6, 2013   |    comments
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Buffalo, N.Y. - It's been said that money is the mother's milk of any political campaign, and if that's the case then Mayor Byron Brown is sitting pretty with the Democratic primary for mayor now just days away.

In filings with the state Board of Elections, the mayor raised close to $73,000 over a recent three week period, and had $881,000 left in the bank as of a week ago.

Contrast that with challenger Bernie Tolbert, who raised only $15,000 during that same period and had just $75,000 in the bank.

An exclusive Siena College, 2 On Your Side, Buffalo News poll last month showed Brown with a commanding 61%-32% lead over Tolbert.

We spoke about Tolbert's financial situation with Channel 2 political analyst Mike Haselswerdt.

Scott Brown: "Tolbert is clearly having a problem raising money, what does that tell you?"

Mike Haselswerdt: "It tells me that people see the writing on the wall and it's hard to raise money when you're very far behind. The polls showed him far behind, the sense of what's going on, the presence of the mayor on TV is dominant. And I think people see that and say 'why would I give money to someone that's going to lose?'"

Meanwhile, Republican Sergio Rodriguez continues to run his campaign on a shoe string, raising just $300 over the three week period and having only $1,800 in the bank.

The mayor's huge financial advantage over Tolbert has enabled him to send plenty of glossy mailers to Democrats in the city, and to buy plenty of TV commercials, including his current one which stars President Obama.

Scott Brown: "The mayor has not run any negative commercials against Tolbert, why is that?"

Mike Haselswerdt: "It tells me that he knows he's way ahead and he believes the information that tells him that. He feels it in his gut and so he knows they don't have to do that."

There are seven times as many Democrats as Republicans in Buffalo, so whoever wins the Democratic primary is virtually assured of winning election in November. 


















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