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Buffalo Protest Against US Action in Syria

10:56 PM, Sep 2, 2013   |    comments
Peace Rally in Niagara Square Against Action in Syria
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Buffalo, NY - The prospect of the U.S. acting in Syria has prompted protests here in Western New York and around the country. And on Sunday a group of demonstrators connected with the Western New York Peace Center turned out at Buffalo's Niagara Square.

Some involved in the protest feel there should be more diplomatic efforts or the application of international law to sanction Syria. They say the image of the U.S. could be adversely affected with a military strike. As Rev. Pierre Carrie of the Interfaith Peace group puts it "We are the bad guy. They wanna think we are the good guy...the policeman. But it's taken on a bad name. It's taken on a bad name and we're not doing positive things. We seem to be tied into this...if it gets violent, just do more violence and it doesn't stop the violence."

Jim Anderson of the Peace Action New York organization says "We're saying to our President, because he is wise and because we know he means well, but in this case he would not be doing well if he proceeds from the macho standpoint of bombing or even striking."

The demonstrators hope they generate more momentum and support to convince leaders in Washington to avoid military action in Syria. But some admit that most people they know are not concerned enough to join their protest at this point.  


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